One suspect arrested for involvement in the criminal offences ‘fraud’, ’illegal medical exercise’ and ‘tax evasion’


Prishtinë, 16th of July 2019

Kosovo Police, respectively the Directorate for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption, upon receiving an information about a possible involvement of a suspect in criminal activity, has immediately initiated investigations. The suspect M.J born on 1962, m.k.a, from Malisheva, exercising the occupation of ‘witch doctor‘ from a female complainant since 2016 so far, he appropriated the amount of six thousand (6.000) Euro as a reward supposedly for providing medical services to her. The suspect claimed to cure various illness (spiritual healing, family problems, etc)

The suspect, after a time, using the data learned from the complainant during the “healing sessions” and supported even by his wife, had started to threaten and blackmail the complainant to destroy her family if she doesn’t bring him thirty thousand (30.000) Euro.

Police asked the Court’s permission for a control and today on 19.07.2019, the control was conducted in the premise and in the house in Malisheva where the suspect exercised the ‘occupation’. During the control, there have been seized evidences which will be used for further judicial procedures. Police has also provided the data that the suspect has performed veterinary activities.

By the Ruling of the case Prosecutor, the suspect has been taken to custody for 48 hours.

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