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General Director of Kosovo Police

General Director of Kosovo Police

Samedin Mehmeti was born in Prishtinë in 1972. He finished his primary education in his hometown then he continued the 3 years secondary school in the then police school in Vushtrri, while the 4-th year in Prishtina.   
He finished his university studies with excellent success in the Faculty of Law in Prishtina, while the post-graduate and Master degree in the Faculty of Criminology in the University of Sarajevo, continuing further with the PhD studies in the European University of Tirana. He defended Master and PhD theses in different specifics related to the field of terrorism.

Samedin Mehmeti has a long and prosperous career in the security section, respectively in the police activity serving in various positions, initially as a patrol officer in the police station “North”, then as a murder investigator in the Prishtina region. As a supervisor, in the tactical level, respectively in the rank of police sergeant he served as a chief of the shift in the police station “Center” in Prishtina. In the operational management level, with the rank of Lieutenant, he served in the position of deputy commander in the police station “South”, and in the rank of captain he served as a Commander of the police station “North” in Prishtina. After the promotion, in the strategic level with the rank of Major, he initially served in the position of deputy Director of Operations then as a leader of the unit of Transition of police competencies from UNMIK to Kosovo Police. In the rank of Lieutenant Colonel he served in the position of the Director of Administration within the Department of Border Police.
Besides the experience in Police, Samedin Mehmeti also is experienced in the field of international security. For several years Mr. Mehmeti worked in the United Nations Security Department as well as in the UN Mission in Afghanistan.
Upon returning from the Mission in Afghanistan, Samedin Mehmeti worked in the position of the Head of Internal Disciplinary Committee as well as in the position of the Director of the Road Traffic Division, in the General Directorate of Kosovo Police. 
In the aspect of the professional development, he attended various programs related to the field of security in general and terrorism in particular. It is worth mentioning: the Course on managing of critical incidents; The Training on security of activities and international summits, in the National Academy of Turkish Police in Ankara, The Executive Programe of Advanced Studies of Security as well as the Specialized Program on Combating Terrorism, in the College of International Studies and Security in the Marshall Center in Garmishpartenkirchen-Germany; The Program related to the international right in the conflict at Europa-Universitat Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany;  the Program of operational and strategic planning of armed forces, organized by Cranfeld University-Defence Academy of United Kingdom –  London; The Program of adviser and analyst by Kings Collage – University of London, as well as many training and programs of this field.

Besides the security area, his prosperous career was also developed in the academic world. Mr. Mehmeti for several years has been engaged in honorary as a lecturer in the Security Faculty in “ISPE” college in Prishtina, where he still keeps lecturing the security subjects in the Faculty of Public Safety in the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety in Vushtrri, where he currently has an honorary contract.
He published and presented various scientific research papers from the field of security in various magazines and scientific conferences of International recension, including also the co-authored book “Encyclopedia of Southeast Europe police organizations” published by the publishing house “Springer” in USA.


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