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LOCAL PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEES are consultative bodies for the police in identifying, addressing and in partnership with policing solve the local problems in community.

This safety forum may be initiated in two ways:

  1. When the citizens want with their own initiative to be better organized in identifying and addressing problems as well as increasing the quality of cooperation and communication with police. Citizens in this case submit a written request to the police station commander in their responsibility area, and he approves the request of community and forwards it to the General Director through the commanding chain for approval. 


  1. Where the station commander based on the analysis of the safety in responsibility area and on the reported cases from terrain, in order to increase the cooperation and communication with the community members, in full consultation with the community submits a request to the General Director through the commanding chain for approval.

With the aim of supporting, building capacities and professionalism of the members of this security forum, with the ongoing support of the Organizations for Safety and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) are organized trainings dealing with the building of partnership, problem solving, drafting of projects etc.

The cultural, religious and ethnic professional diversity, in consisting of Local Communities for Public Safety (LPSC) is quite highlighted, where we could freely say that this diversity reaches up to 85%

The role of Kosovo Police in LPSC is quite significant and vital. Each LPSC has their police representatives who regularly participate in the organized and led meetings by the LPSC heads, on which meetings are exchanged information, concerns of residents and at the same time the cooperation and communication with citizens was advanced. This security forum is quite significant even for implementation of the National Strategy for Safety in Community and Action Plan 2011-2016. Through this forum is successfully achieved to be changed the approach of citizens and the mentality in the benefit of the community through the reporting and cooperation of citizens with police.

Police officers members of these forums are professionally well formed and have good communication skills

General conditions for establishing and functionalizing LOCAL PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEES

List of LPSC in Kosovo

Meetings of members of LPSC with local residents for addressing community issues


Drejtor i Përgjithshëm i Policisë së Republikës së Kosovës

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