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Community Policing



The Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention respectively the concept of Police in Community is very important field which is based in establishing a healthy and effective partnership with community, exchange of mutual information in identifying problems and concerns of the community in the aspect of security and prevention of negative phenomenon or their solution together in community.


“Police is the people and People are the Police” is a saying that simply and comprehensively defines the aim and role of Kosovo Police with reach in the all organizational levels in offering security for communities through qualitative and sincere services.


In order to meet the role of police and achieve the aim of increasing public security level and reduction the fear of crime, Kosovo Police, respectively the Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention, in order to be closer to citizens, decided to spread its activities in all communities of the Republic of Kosovo offering partnership between the police and citizens.


The aim of the Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention in spreading Democratic Policing in Community is being supported and facilitated through implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2016 “Policing in Community”. The activities arising from this strategy are being implemented successfully until now. Various campaigns for the awareness about this strategy are organized, respectively about the Concept of Policing in Community within the Kosovo Police organization at all levels as well as for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, national and international partners who are engaged in the field of public security.


Through the implementation of this strategy, Kosovo Police will enable the citizen to know police officers who will patrol in their neighborhood, respectively POLICE SECTION where they belong based on the police divisions, and communicate with police officers regarding concerns they are preoccupied with.


POLICE SECTION means a certain part of the territory, within borders of one or more local communities in a territory of one municipality, in which a certain number of police officers perform all police activities on increasing cooperation, identification of problems in community and offenders, prevention of negative phenomenon in community, improving the safety in road traffic and solving potential problems that threaten general security of community.


The Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention closely cooperates and coordinates activities with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, international partners with experience and orientation in the field of security in community. Except this cooperation, aiming to institutionalize, organize and cooperation with members of community, the Directorate of Police in Community and Prevention, by the proposal of the community itself or Police Station Commander and by the approval of the General Police Director, establishes Local Committee for Public Safety (LCPS).


Except the Local Committee for Public Safety, a security forum established by Kosovo Police, in the Republic of Kosovo there are also Municipal Committees for Public Safety (MCPS) and Action Teams for Public Safety (ACPS) which support the Concept of Policing in Community and contribute very much in the increase of security in community in general.


In order to support, building capacities and professionalization of members of these security forums, with the continuous support of the international partners like the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Department of American State, ICITAP program and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Kosovo Police (KP), Coordination Office for Security in Community is opened and equipped with necessary technology and equipment located at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety in Vushtrri.


Strategy and action plan “Policing in community” 2012 -2016


The Directorate of Policing in Community and Prevention

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