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Police engagements related to maintaining public order and safety in the north of the country

Prishtinë, 29 May 2023
Police engagements in implementing public order and safety, providing security to citizens, freedom of movement, as well as undertaking police measures in accordance with the situation and developments in the north of the country, will continue to remain among the primary objectives and tasks of Kosovo Police.
Today, in the north of the country, it has been announced that there will be protests/gatherings, therefore, in this regard, Kosovo Police, recognizing the right of public gatherings through peaceful protest, according to official duty, is taking care of maintaining public order and peace, as well as duties defined according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the legislation into force.
Protesters gathered in organized forms in front of the facilities of the northern municipalities such as in Leposaviq, Zubin Potok and Zveqan to protest, where in front of the facility of the municipality of Zveqan, the protesters, showing violence and throwing tear gas, tried to cross the security cordons to enter into the municipality facility by force, where the Police were forced to use legal means, such as spray, to stop the protesters and bring the situation under control.
The protests are continuing near the northern municipality buildings and Kosovo Police is managing the situation, at the same time the citizens are called to pay extra attention and caution during the protest calls, to protest peacefully and not to fall prey to possible provocations, of any kind whatever nature they are.
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