Regional Directorates of Police


Kosovo Police is organized in central and local level.

General Police Directorate is a central level responsible for the entire Republic of Kosovo.

Local level includes Regional Police Directorates, responsible for the regions consisted of respective municipalities, police stations responsible for local police in each municipalities and police sub-stations, responsible for the local police within the respective areas of a municipality.


These are the Regional Police Directorates in the Republic of Kosovo:


1.     Regional Police Directorate - PRISHTINË

2.     Regional Police Directorate - MITROVICË-SOUTH

3.   Regional Police Directorate - MITROVICË-NORTH

4.     Regional Police Directorate - GJILAN

5.     Regional Police Directorate - FERIZAJ

6.     Regional Police Directorate - PRIZREN

7.     Regional Police Directorate - PEJË

8.     Regional Police Directorate - GJAKOVË

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