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Policija Kosova / Kosovo Police


Prishtinë, 17 July 2020

Kosovo Police (KP), referring to the situation and circumstances created since the outbreak of the pandemic, has been engaged in carrying out its legal tasks and responsibilities, based on the decisions of Kosovo institutions and the preparedness and response plan against Coronavirus Covida-19.

Kosovo Police so far has undertaken all activities and measures in full coordination with all competent institutions in the field of health and other relevant institutions.  Special attention has been paid to the application of protective measures for the citizens but also for the police officers, who face situations and cases of different natures as first responders.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic until today, 154 police officers have resulted positive with COVID-19, of which 77 police officers have recovered, 76 police officers are still in treatment, while unfortunately the police officer Ilir Gjokaj, born in 1981 from Gjakova, last night (16.07.2020) in the late hours has died.


The police officer who was serving at the Police Station in Gjakova, from 07.07.2020 was called on medical leave due to problems with the spinal axis, and from 11.07.2020 was hospitalized in the pulmonology unit due to respiratory problems. After the tests, on 14.07.2020 he resulted positive in Covid 19, while on 15.07.2020 he was transferred for medical treatment in Prishtina.


Kosovo Police through the GDP Gjakova, Directorate of Health Services in cooperation with medical teams have continuously taken care of the police officer, and now on the occasion of his loss expresses condolences to the family and all citizens of Kosovo.

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