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Policija Kosova / Kosovo Police

A suspect arrested for being involved in the criminal offence ‘Extramarital union with the person under the age of sixteen’

Prishtinë, 19 August 2020

Kosovo Police, respectivelly: the Central Section for Investigation of Trafficking in Human Beings and the Directorate of Migration and Foreigners, supported by the officers of the Center of Social Affairs –Prishtina, on 18.08.2020, with the order of the court searched in two locations (houses) in Prishtina, with the aim to verify the information that in those houses there stay several foreigners, who may be potential victims of trafficking in human beings. Police, in those two locations found 26 (twenty six) persons, among them 13 children, who were mainly in familiar relationship and came from Albania.

Among those persons there was found the suspect M.S. (born on 1999) citizen of Albania, who was living with a citizen of Greece of the age 13, Police consulted the case prosecutor and initiated the criminal offence ‘extramarital union with a person under the age of sixteen’. The suspect has been detained for 48 hours, while the victim has been provided shelter and treatment according to the Standard Operating Procedures of the Directorate of Trafficking in Human Beings. Also, through ILECU there was informed the Greece office in Prishtina about their citizen.

While, the 24 (twenty-four) other persons found in both locations have been handeled by police officers from the Directorate of Migration and Foreigners. They, through BCP in Vermica, have been returned to Albania.

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