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During the control at the border crossing point in Vërmicë in a vehicle, an amount of the suspected narcotics is found

Prishtinë 28 February 2021,
On 28.02.2021, at about 16:05, at the border crossing point in Vermicë, two suspects m/k, with the vehicle of the type Renault clio, red ( known plates for police), came to enter RKS.
After the suspicions raised, the competent police officer requested the selection for a detailed control in the second line from the anti-smuggling unit of the Kosovo Customs and the Police. During the joint control by the customs and police officers in the side parts of the rear seats of the vehicle, a suspected amount of narcotics wrapped in a nylon bag was found (according to initial measurements it is about 7 kilograms).

The Kosovo Police Anti-Drug Unit in Prizren has been informed to deal with further procedures related to the case, including accurate weight-measurements and other details.
With the decision of the prosecutor, the two suspects were detained for 48 hours, and all further legal actions will be taken in coordination with the competent justice authorities.
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