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Four suspected arrested of narcotic possession (cocaine, marihuana) and illegal weapon possession

Prishtina, 25th of December 2020

Kosovo Police based on the strategic objectives and operational plannings in guranteeing public peace and order as well as prevention of crime on 24.12.2020, the Unit of Investigation of Trafficking with Narcotics in prishtina, after an investigative work managed to arrest four (4) suspects for involvement in criminal act of Unauthorized purchase, possession, sale and distribution of narcotics, psychotropic substances or analogues ”and“ Unauthorized possession, control or possession of weapons”.

The police unit initially managed to arrest three suspects, it was suspected that they have stopped in a Mitrovica-Prishtina highway parking, to make the sell of a nartocis.

During the search at the suspect (E. M. dob 1993) are found ten (10) grams of cocaine and one bag of marihuana, suspected of being bought by the suspect (M. K. dob 1974) and at him are found one one (1) little bag with cocaine and money used in the sell.

Investigations continued by the order of the justice bodies, raids have been conducted in the huses of two suspects (M. K. in Gjakova) and the third suspect (B. R. in Orlloviq) .

For the raid in Gjakova, the serious crime Prosecutor was notified. In the capacity of material evidence have been found and seized the following:

  • One bag with the dusty white substance suspected to be narcotic type cocaine with the weight of 109.88 grams,
  • One bag with the dusty white substance suspected to be narcotic type cocaine with the weight 28.44 gram,
  • Two bags with green grass suspected to be narcotic type marihuana weight 3.2 gram,
  • One revolver zastava 9 mm serial no. 72529,
  • One magazine with 6 bullets and one Ak 47 empty magazine, as well as two digital weights,
  • Two vehicles: one Polo with local registration plates and the other Shkoda with Switzcherland reg. plates,
  • Confistated money from the suspect (M. K. Gjakovë) of 735 Euro,
  • While confiscated money from the suspect (E. M.) are 65 Euro and two mobile phones.

While durimng the raid at the house of the suspect (B. R. in Orlloviq) are found and seized the following:

  • One revolver type Pjetro Bereta caliber 7.65 with one magazine with 7 bullets, 14 bullets caliber 7.62 mm, three bullets caliber 7.65 and two cartridges caliber 7.65,
  • One small bag filled with substance suspected to be cocaine 0.63 gram,
  • One plastic box filled with substance suspected to be cocaine weight 27.89 gram,
  • Two mobile phones and cash 35 euro, 10 franga, 10 dinar and 26 dollar.

This sucessful operation was conducted in cooperatiuon and coordination between the DITN -Prishtina and Gjakova, asisted by SOU Prishtina.

Personat e dyshuar tanimë të arrestuar pas intervistimit me urdhër të prokurorisë themelore departamenti i krimeve të renda, të dyshuarit e lartcekur janë dërguar në qendrën e ndalimit.

The pictrures of the seized evidences are attached.

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