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Kosovo Police achieves positive results in preventing and arresting of suspects for terrorism

Prishtinë, 16 November 2016

Kosovo Police wants to inform the public about the implementation of some police operations in national level, implemented recently and which are related to prevention of terrorist acts in Kosovo and region.

The Directorate against Terrorism, in full coordination and cooperation with Kosovo Agency of Intelligence (KAI), as well as in cooperation with Special Prosecution of RKS, managed to prevent terrorist attacks planned and synchronized to occur at the same time, not only in the Republic of Kosovo but also in the region. 

Taking into account that the Safety Institutions constantly monitor and deal with persons showing extremist elements, have realized that certain persons have been in contact with the suspect L. M. by whom they were guided to prepare and commit terrorist attack in the Balkans region.

After a long time period of monitoring and investigation, where all the specialized investigation covert measures are undertaken, it was managed to gather sufficient evidences that certain persons were planning terrorist attacks in the Republic of Kosovo and against the Israeli football representation and their fans expected to participate in the football match Albania-Israel. 

During the investigations, Police have realized that these suspects have been divided in various groups and coordinated and guided by the terrorist L. M.

These groups have operated separately, but in coordination with L. M and R. H who are in Syria alongside ISIL, have had a clear objective that who and when should be attacked.

From 04.11.2016 and to date, (19) suspects are arrested, where (18) of them are citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and one citizen of the Republic of Macedonia.

By the decision of the competent prosecutor, against the suspects was imposed the detention measure of (30) days, while one of them was released in regular procedure after the detention of 48 hours. 

During the implementation of these police operations, as material evidences are seized:

281 gr explosive of TATP type, considered as one of the most dangerous and sensitive explosive

Around 2.5 kg of mixed substance with explosive in crystalline state,

One semi-automatic rifle of 7.62 mm calibre,

One hunting rifle,

One pistol with gas,

Ammunition, 719 cartridges of various calibres, 

One drone,


Mobile phones,

Lap Tops,

PC housing units,


Religious literature and materials by the authors known for their extremist ideology.

Kosovo as a part of international coalition against ISIL, for this case has cooperated even with authorities of the region such as, Albania and Macedonia who have also arrested suspects regarding such cases.

Kosovo Police in full cooperation with other relevant institutions inside and outside Kosovo remains committed to constantly undertake its legal actions for keeping order and public safety in the Country.


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