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Kosovo Police appeals traffic participants to be more careful

Prishtinë 8th of January 2021,

Kosovo Police, based on its legal and constitutional duties and powers, is committed to maintaining order, guaranteeing public safety and managing and controlling road traffic on all roads in the country.

Kosovo Police, according to the operational plans, foresees increased activities in order to prevent accidents and increase traffic safety, as due to atmospheric precipitation the visibility is reduced and there are difficulties in road traffic.

Therefore, in addition to police activities in this regard, Kosovo Police APPEALS to all traffic participants to be more careful, to obey the rules and road traffic signs and to adapt the road and atmospheric conditions, to have greater traffic safety throughout the winter season.

For all the participants in traffic, and especially the drivers who violate traffic laws and rules, Kosovo Police will take punitive measures according to applicable laws.

General Statistics: 2021-02-23
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