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Kosovo Police arests a suspect for three criminal offences

Prishtinë, 16 July 2020


Kosovo Police on July 15, 2020 has interviewed a suspect regarding the criminal offenses “Forgery of documents” under Article 390, “Fraud” under Article 323 and “Legalization of false content” under Article 395 of the CCRK


On 03.07.2020 in Kosovo Police was reported a case of sale of an immovable property, without the knowledge of the owner, for the amount of 203,000.00 €.

After receiving this information, the Directorate for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DIECC), respectively the Regional Unit for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption – Prishtina, has undertaken all necessary investigative actions to identify and arrest the suspects, and as a result, the first suspect  has been identified and arrested of committing the above criminal offences.


Regarding the case, the person Sh. H., has been interviewed at the presence of the defense attorney and after the interview in consultation with the competent prosecutor he was taken to detention 48 hours.

Also regarding this case, investigations are underway against three other suspects who are suspected of having committed the above-mentioned criminal offenses in accomplice.

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