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Kosovo Police conducted a police operation on the suspicion of ‘abuse of office and official authority’ and ‘signing harmful contract’

Prishtina, 6 March 2020

Today on 06.03.2020 at about 09:00 Kosovo Police, precisely the Special Anti-Corruption Department (Anti-Corruption Task Force), based on the order from the Basic Court in Prishtina, Department of Serious Crimes, conducted a police operation at the Kosovo Telecom, under the suspicion of the “abuse of office and official authority’ and ‘signing harmful contract’.

The police operation included raid in four (4) offices at the Kosovo Telecom at the central offices in Prishtina, just to find material evidence related to the suspicion raised related to signing a harmful contract in December 2019, where it is suspected that the Budget of Kosovo Telecom was harmed in the amount of over hundred thousand (100,000.00) euro.

Related to this case, four (4) persons were taken to police station, they were interrogated on the grounded suspicion of being involved in criminal offenses “abuse of office and official authority’ and ‘signing harmful contract’.

Kosovo Police during the search in these locations seized relevant evidences related to the case such as documents, electronic devices, cell phones etc. and these evidence will be proceeded based on the legal procedures.

All further police actions will be undertaken in close coordination and cooperation with competent state prosecutor.

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