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Kosovo Police during the drone assisted operation identifies and destroys another plantation suspected to be cannabis plants

Prishtina, 16th of October 2019


On 16.10.2019, Kosovo Police, namely the Regional Directorate of Border Police – West (RDBP) implemented the Operational Plan “Air Control”, where was observed and checked by drone an area of mountains at Koshare (about 5 km) in the height of 500 meters and during this operation resulted in the identification or finding of a plantation with about 250 planted plants suspected of being narcotic plants of the type Cannabis Sativa, whose length ranges from 1 to 3 meters.


After identifying the location, respective police units were notified and came at the scene.

Moreover the competent Prosecutor has also been notified, and by his Authorization the narcotic plants have been collected and in the presence of one of the anti-drugs units have been destroyed (burned), while samples are taken by the Crime Technique Unit according to the procedures.


After the destruction of the suspected narcotic plants, the case is completed and submitted to the Gjakova Anti-Drug Directorate along with material evidence for further proceedings.


Case pictures attached.


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