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Kosovo Police finds over 20kg narcotics of marijuana type

Prishtinë, 15 July 2020

On 14.07.2020,  Kosovo Police arrested five suspects, regarding the criminal offences “Unauthorized purchase, possession, sale or distribution of narcotic substances (Article 267) and Unauthorized possession or control of weapons (Article -366) ”.

Kosovo Police after receiving information regarding the above cases, has conducted an intensive two-month investigation, where on 14.07.2020 in Pristina has conducted a police operation where the unit of the Directorate of Investigation of Narcotics Trafficking (DHTN) – Prishtina, has stopped three suspected vehicles and has encountered the three following suspects:

  1. D. M/Kosovar
  2. D. M/Kosovar
  3. Sh. M/Kosovar
  4. B. M/Kosovar
  5. I. M/Kosovar


During the control of suspects and vehicles, in one of the vehicles was found a quantity of narcotics of the type “Marijuana” with a total weight of 13kg and 800g, along with wrappers.

In relation to the case, after consulting with the competent prosecutor, by his order, a check was carried out on the locations which are suspected to have been used to hide narcotic substances. During this search, there have been found:

  • 5 packages of narcotic substance of the type Marijuana with a total weight of 6kg and 206gram.
  • 3 electronic scales
  • Bag for packing narcotic substance
  • Aluminum foil
  • A pair of gloves
  • A firearm
  • A magazine
  • Three cartridges
  • 11 packs and a cigarette filled with Marijuana substance weighing 25.1 grams
  • 7540 (seven thousand five hundred and forty) euros


The total weight of the confiscated amount of narcotic substance reaches 20kg and 31.1gram, while in addition to the items mentioned above, Police have confiscated  five mobile phones and three vehicles involved in the case, as material evidence related to the case.


The suspects were interviewed at the presence of their lawyers and with the decision of the prosecutor they were sent to the detention centre.


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