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One person arrested on suspicion of recruiting, sheltering and exploiting 7 victims with forced labor

Prishtinë, 22 July  2020

Kosovo Police, respectively the Central Investigation Sector of the Directorate for Investigation of Trafficking in Human Beings, during investigative actions in coordination with the Basic Prosecution in Prishtina, Department for Juveniles, on 21.07.2020, arrested one (1) suspect, for the criminal offense “Trafficking in Human Beings”, who is suspected of having recruited, sheltered, transported and kept under control (7) seven juvenile victims (male / Kosovar) using them for forced labor


During the plan for arresting this suspect, as evidences there have been temporarily confiscated:


  • One mobile phone and
  • Evidence notebooks .


The juvenile victims were treated according to the Standard Operating Procedures for Victims of Trafficking, while with the decision of the Prosecutor on duty, the suspect was sent to detention for 48 hours, for further legal proceedings.

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