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Prishtinë, 16th of October 2020

On 16th of October 2020, at about 11:10 o’clock, Kosovo Police received information that in the Plemetin village, Municipality of Obiliq, has happened a case where some male suspects, citizens of Kosovo of Serbian nationality, are suspected of assaulting a young Kosovar man of juvenile age.

Based on the information so far, it is suspected that the cause of the incident, the fight that took place outside the school building, near the railway, has been a verbal dispute between them.

Police units immediately have undertaken all necessary police actions and at the scene managed to provide information that the male victim Kosovar of Albanian nationality (juvenile), a primary school pupil in Plemetin, was attacked by several suspects (also minors), pupils of the primary school “Shën Sava” in Plemetin.

Police units have managed to identify two suspects, citizens of Kosovo of Serbian nationality, who are suspected of physically assaulting the victim. All further actions will be undertaken in cooperation and coordination with the justice bodies.

Kosovo Police will continue to be engaged in maintaining public order and security, as well as providing safety for all citizens, regardless ethnicity.

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