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Prishtinë 20 December 2020,

Kosovo Police (KP), based on the realization of strategic objectives and action plan, in maintaining public order and safety, as well as the prevention of various criminal activities, achieved positive results in reducing the crime trend, including reducing criminal offenses such as Robbery, Thefts and Aggravated Thefts.

Kosovo Police has completed a preliminary analysis, although we are at the end of the calendar year, a comprehensive analysis has been conducted regarding the implementation of the Work Plan for 2020. Crime measurement parameters in general compared to the same period of the previous year marked a decrease.

Thus, criminal offenses for this period of time have been decreased by -6.15% (from 24631 in 2019, in 23114 in 2020).
Also cases (criminal offenses plus other incidents) initiated by the police, have been decreased for -6.31%.
Kosovo Police, in implementation of its duties, in the implementation of the Work Plan, during this period arrested 9715 suspects, or 12.71% more than in the same period of the previous year.
Also, the number of persons sent to detention is 3870, or 9.87% higher than in the same period the previous year.
The criminal offenses (the most important ones), against property, have marked a significant decrease, thus:
-The number of thefts has been decreased, from 4131 to 3492 or -15.46%;

-The number of serious thefts has been decreased, from 3421 to 3030 or -11.42%.

-The number of robbery cases has been decreased from 147 to 127 or -13.60%.


Kosovo Police, despite the reduction of the crime trend, continues to be committed to solving any case, to identifying any suspect, in order to implement its goals, to provide security and a quiet environment for everyone. At the same time, the Police thanks the citizens for the cooperation shown for the good of public safety in general.

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