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PRESS RELEASE – (additional information 2) – The wanted persons for the involvement in criminal activities of smuggling with goods

Prishtina, 13th of October 2021, ora 14:00
Kosovo Police, related to the successful police operation carried out in the four regions of the Republic of Kosovo respectively in Prishtina, Peja, Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North, after the arrest of eight (8)suspects, has continued as well the intensive investigations towards the identification and arrest of other persons involved in smuggling with goods.
Intensive investigations towards the identification of suspects involved in smuggling of goods have been conducted by the authorization of the competent prosecution, which so far have resulted in the identification of (5) five suspects, who have been announced as wanted.:
Kosovo Police invites all citizens to be careful and avoid falling prey to any possible provocation and at the same time seeks cooperation in providing information in order to arrest suspects and bring them to justice.
Contact numbers: 192, 038 550 999 or toll free on 0800 19999, all information will be treated confidentially.
At the same time, the Kosovo Police, in cooperation and coordination with the judiciary bodies, is conducting intensive investigations to identify other suspects involved in smuggling of goods but also in criminal offenses and attacks with dangerous things, firearms committed against police and customs officers today during the operation.
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