Policia e kosovës
Policija Kosova / Kosovo Police

PRESS RELEASE – (aditional information 3) -Five otehr person shave been identified and are wanted for the involvement in criminal activities smuggling with goods

Prishtina, 13th of October 2021, time 15:00h
As a result of the continuous cooperation and coordination of police activities and investigations with the competent prosecutions, after the previous identification of five (5) suspects, now another five (5) suspects have been identified and now the number of wanted persons reached a total of ten (10) suspects involved in criminal goods smuggling activities.
The other five (5) persons announced wanted by the authorization of the competent prosecution are:
Contact numbers: 192, 038 550 999 or toll free on 0800 19999, all information will be treated confidentially.
As previously steaded, the Kosovo Police, in cooperation and coordination with the judiciary bodies, is conducting intensive investigations to identify other suspects attacking with dangerous things, firearms committed against police and customs officers today during the operation.
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