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Press Release Three suspects arrested for committing the criminal offence “smuggling in migrants”


Kosovo Police, respectively the police unit for supervision of the border point in Vërmicë, on 09.06.2020 detained three suspects for committing the criminal offence “Smuggling in Migrants.

On 09.06.2020 at about 02.00 in the village Vërmicë, a police unit from the police station for supervision of the border line, noticed a group of 24 persons with Syrian citizenship entering illegally from the Republic of Albania in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

Besides this group, Kosovo Police noticed two vehicles in which there were four persons suspected to be waiting for smuggling of the abovementioned persons.

In the location Police arrested the three suspects in which case there were seized their personal phones where it is suspected to be evidences that imply the suspects in the case.

There were also seized two vehicles by which the smuggling in migrants was attempted to be made.

In consultation with the competent prosecutor, the three suspects were taken to 48 hours custody, while Kosovo Police is looking for the fourth suspect, as he is at large.

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