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Suspected to have falsified COVID tests in his lab, Biochemistry Specialist arrested

Prishtinë, 14.10.2021

Kosovo Police, Directorate of Investigations of Economic Crimes and Corruption, respectively the Regional Unit for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption – Prizren, after receiving the information from the police station in Prizren, for suspicions that in a biochemical lab in Prizren falsified tests are being issued, began investigations in coordination with the Inspectors of the Ministry of Health.


During the inspection made on 14.10.2021 at the biochemical lab in question, evidences were provided that the Lab issued two tests (one positive and one negative) at the same day on 06.10.2021, Rapid Antigen tests SARS-COV-2,  suspected to have been falsified.


By those actions, the suspect committed the criminal offence: “Document Forgery” article 390, of the RKS criminal code.


As material evidences there were seized:


  • One Laptop,
  • Patients register,
  • A test/Analysis Anti-SARS-CoV- 2 NEGATIV
  • A test/Analysis Anti-SARS-CoV- 2 POZITIV


After police actions undertaken by the investigators, the prosecutor in duty was informed, who issued the decision for 48 hours detention for the arrested, while other investigations are going on.

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