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The 56-th generation of police cadets of Kosovo Police graduated

Prishtinë, 15 October 2021
Today, on 15 October 2021, the 56-th generation of Kosovo Police cadets graduated. Based on the actual situation of COVID -19 pandemics, the graduation was conducted in small groups at the facilities of the academy, organized by the Directorate of Basic Trainings – Training Division of Kosovo Police.
In this event there participated the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Xhelal Sveçla , the General Director of Kosovo Police, Mr. Samedin Mehmeti as well as the managing staff, who highly evaluated the graduation of 197 cadets, now new police officers who will join Kosovo Police. This will be a great support for the work at the field and they are required to be engaged especially in this time of pandemics. Taking into consideration that KP has a good image to citizens, you must contribute to increase further the level of trust. New police officers were wished health and success in their new duty in serving citizens of the country.
In this case, the 197 new police officers received certificates and gave the oath to implement the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Kosovo, that they will protect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo showing professionalism, responsibility and honesty in the interest of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Recognitions were also awarded to 11 police cadets as captains of classes and 20 police cadets for the high results achieved during the training.
From 18 October 2021, new police officers will begin to serve to Kosovo Police, continuing the part of the program of the field training for new police officers in police stations in duration of two (2) years, under the surveillance of practical/field instructors of Kosovo Police.
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