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The General Director of Kosovo Police, Mr. Rashit Qalaj during his official visit to Vienna, Austria, held several official meetings

Prishtinë, 13
November 2019

The General Director of Kosovo Police (KP)
Mr. Rashit Qalaj, accompanied by senior KP and OSCE officers, is on an official
visit to Vienna, Austria. Within the official agenda he continued meetings,
initially meeting with the Director of the Austrian Federal Bureau of
Anticorruption Mr. Andreas Wieselthaler with cooperators, then the Director of
the Federal Criminal Intelligence Agency Michael Fischer, who was also
accompanied by the Head of the Austrian Interpol, Mr. Rudolf Gross.

During the first meeting with Mr. Andreas
Wieselthaler there were discussed issues of bilateral interest and exchanged
experiences and information on the situation in both countries, as well as
measures taken to investigate and prosecute corruption offenses. The meeting
was held in a friendly spirit with the commitment to further continue and
strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the field of law
enforcement. Director Qalaj thanked Mr. Andreas for the very productive
hospitality and meeting.


While in the second meeting with Mr.
Michael Fischer and Mr. Rudolf Gross, all interlocutors found that there is a
very high level of cooperation between the BKA and the Kosovo Police. Director
Qalaj thanked his counterpart for the assistance that BKA has provided to the
KP over the years and assured him of the commitment of the Kosovo Police to the
rule of law in the country and the determination to be a reliable partner for
law enforcement agencies of the friendly states.

Both directors agreed that international
co-operation is crucial, especially in the field of combating various forms of
organized crime and terrorism.

Director Fischer from his side emphasized
Austria’s commitment to support the Kosovo Police in its efforts to join
international police initiatives and organizations.

The meeting resulted in a commitment to
continue close co-operation and the opportunity to strengthen this co-operation
through joint police operations and the exchange of criminal intelligence information.

Kosovo Police thanks OSCE Mission in Kosovo for the help and support in realizing
this visit

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