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A person is assaulted in Prishtinë Prishtinė, 23 March 2017 –in the evening, at about 23:30, police received the information that in the neighbourhood of the Hospital in Prishtina, respectively in the street “Mbreti Gent”, a person has been assaulted with a tough means (rod), by two other suspects. More
There suspects arrested for armed robbery Prishtinė, 21 March 2017 – Investigation Unit, operates within the region of Prishtina is continuously organizing its work, with a special focus in clarifying criminal acts, identification and arrest of suspects involved in criminal offences. More
Six persons are injured in a traffic accident Prishtinė, 20 march 2017 – Today at about 13:25 we have received the information that in the highway Prishtinė – Fushė Kosovė occurred a traffic accident, where six persons were injured.

Illegal possession of weapons Lutogllavė-Prizren, 20 March

Today, at about 10:00, the Police investigators from the “North” Police Station in Lubizhde – Prizren, have interviewed a citizen from Lutogllava as suspect, since there were provided information which suggested that this person possesses illegal weapons. During the interview, it was understood about the type of weapon and the place it was stored.

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