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Kosovo Police arrests a suspect regarding the murder reported on 20th of July 2019 at the underpass in the street “Bill Clinton” in Prishtina. Prishtinė, 23th of July 2019

Kosovo Police after undertaking constant investigation and operational actions regarding the case reported on 20.07.2019 of “murder” in Prishtina, at the underpass in the street “Bill Clinton”, we inform you that today at about 17:00 o’clock, the Section of Investigation in Centre Station in cooperation with the Regional Investigations of the Regional Police Directorate in Prishtina have arrested the suspect:
Meeting of Regional Directors Prizren-Kukës Prizren, 18 July 2019

Within the cooperation and prevention of crime at the regional level, today in Morinė, Republic of Albania, there has been held a meeting between the regional director in Prizren, Colonel Faton ALIJA and the regional director of Kukės Mr. Zef LASKAJ.
A person arrested under the grounded suspicion of committing criminal offences: ‘usury’, ‘extortion’ and ‘unauthorized possession, ownership, control of weapons’ Prishtinė, 18 July 2019 -Directorate of Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DHKEK), respectively the Regional Unit for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (NJRHKEK) in Prizren, after receiving the information that a suspect committed criminal offences ‘usury’ and ‘extortion’, began investigations and collection of evidences about the case.

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