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The police operation conducted in Gilane and Gjakova resulted in the arrest of three suspects and seized over eleven kg of narcotic substances Prishtina, 7th of August 2018

The Directorate of Investigation of Trafficking with Narcotics, conducted operations in Gilan and Gjakova, to fight the trafficking with narcotics.
The police operation in the Gilani region, was conducted in the village Novosello of Kamenica municipality that produced the confiscation of an amount of 19.370 grams of substance suspected to be narcotics and arrested two suspects:
A person died in a traffic accident Prishtinė, 2 August 2018 – Today at about 04:00, in the str. “Qemajl Stafa” in Prishtina respectively in the neighborhood Arbėria , there occurred a traffic accident where a person died. More

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