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Police operation at Country level, targeting illegal activities in hotel facilities Prishtinė, 11th June 2019

Kosovo Police, in its efforts for prevention and combating illegal activities, has carried out an operational plan on identifying all hotel facilities, motels (hostels) in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo (the target have been over 100 facilities). This activity was conducted by utilizing other Institutional resources in cooperation with respective Institutions that deals with economic activities. For the coordination of legal procedures, there have been contacted all the competent prosecutions of all the regions of the Republic of Kosovo.
Additional information’s regarding the operation that was conducted on 29 May 2019 Prishtina, May 31, 2019

As announced on May 28, 2019, Kosovo Police in cooperation with the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, by the order of the Basic Court in Prishtina and led by the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has implemented the search/control order in several separated locations in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.
PRESS RELEAE – KOSOVO POLICE APPEALS Prishtina, 31st of May 2019

Dear citizens,

Referring to the arising concerns in the public opinion these days, and referring to the incidents or attacks towards roma female victim from Podujeva, being attacked and lynched in various ways even in social media, we inform your that;

Report the crime