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Clarification of Kosovo Police regarding the published article today, initially in the newspaper Koha Ditore Prishtinė, 20 October 2018

Kosovo Police (KP) publishes this clarifying information for the purpose of properly informing the public about the article, initially published today in the newspaper Koha Ditore, and then in several electronic media, titled "Drugs and Weapons in the car of the father of KIA chief, his son suspected ", therefore regarding this article Police explains as follows:
Five (5) persons arrested on the grounded suspicion of ‘weapon smuggling’ Prishtina, 18th of October 2018

Kosovo Police, respectively the Directorate of Investigation of Organized Crime, in full cooperation with the State Prosecutor, conducted intensive investigation for several months for detection of the criminal act of several suspects that continuously were dealing with criminal acts of weapon smuggling, today on 18.10.2018, arrested five suspects, involved in weapon smuggling.

Traffic accident with fatality Vushtrri, 14th of October 2018

A traffic accident with fatality was reported at about 23:00 h on 14th of October 2018.

The accident occurred at the national road Mitrovica-Prishtina at the road segment in village Stanovc in Vushtrria, where as a result of the accident and injuries in this accident, the 18 years old pedestrian died.

Traffic accident with fatality
Mitrovicė, 10 October 2018

A traffic accident with fatal consequences was reported around 15:00 on October 10, 2018.

The accident occurred in the village Lushtė, Mitrovica, where as a result of the accident and injuries, the about 11-years old victim died.


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