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Kosovo police in cooperation with the US - DEA arrests ten (10) suspected persons (in both countries), confiscating weapons and other material evidence Pristina, 28 June 2017

After investigations conducted for a quarterly period, the Kosovo Police, the Division against Organized Crimes, specifically the Directorate for Investigation of Narcotics Trafficking (DHTN) in cooperation with the US - DEA carried out three police operations. Investigations have been conducted in close cooperation with US officials parallel in both countries. Two operations were conducted in the Republic of Kosovo (Peja region) and one in New York. In support of the realization of the operations there participated: Directorate of Special Units of KP, the Directorate of Investigation Support, the Directorate of Forensics and other police units in coordination with the Special Prosecution Office and the competent court.
Information regarding constructions in the border crossing points - Merdare Prishtinė 23 June 2017

Kosovo Police informs all citizens, especially cooperators who during the summer season spend their holidays in the Republic of Kosovo, in the border crossing points Merdare, connecting the Republic of Kosovo with Serbia, constructions are being made in the infrastructure of the facility of the border crossing point.

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