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Two suspects arrested for the criminal act ‘minor bodily injury’


Kosovo Police, in order to properly inform the public, reacts to the article of Mr. Dalibor Jevtiç Minister of the Ministry of Communities and Returns, posted in the social network and the official website of the Ministry titled “Incidents against Serb returnees are continuing”, who alluded that Albanians have beaten the citizen PM of Serbian nationality, returned to live with his family in the village of Oprashka in the municipality of Istog, does not stand and explains that;

After receiving information about the case reported today 12.06.2020 as a ‘minor bodily injury’, the Kosovo Police, in this case the competent officers from the police station in Istog, immediately undertook operative investigative actions, where after intensive work they managed to identify and arrest two suspects, suspected of being involved in the case of illegal logging in the victim’s forest, which is also suspected to have been attacked.

During the identification and implementation of the foreseen legal procedures, it turned out that the suspects who have already been arrested belong to the Egyptian community.

Rr.G. born in 1998 m / k / Egyptian

Rr.G. born in 2001 m / k / Egyptian.

It is worth mentioning that the victim was sent for medical treatment to the Regional Hospital in Peja, and he was released at home after the treatment.

The suspects were remanded in custody for 48 hours after being interviewed by order of the state prosecutor.

Therefore, based on investigative actions and official information, we consider that public opinion should be informed rightly and correctly, that the suspects are not Albanians and that the case is not about attacking people / citizens returning to live in the Republic of Kosovo.

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