Kosovo Police History

On the 6th of September 1999, OSCE mission in Kosovo in accordance with resolution 1244 United Nations have opened Police School and started to train candidates for Kosovo Police Members.

The first generation of candidates to become members of this Service started training in this center on 6th of September 1999. This generation has trained 176 members who had successfully completed training and afterwards continued to serve within entire Kosovo territory as a first group of this Service. Newly created service based on democratic policing and professionalism. An open service and equal for everybody who was willing to join this service.
The training in Kosovo Police School is training with high standards including: Police Ethic Code, Applicable legislation in Kosovo, Crime Investigations, gathering evidences and interviewing method, democratic politic and focus on confidentiality of democratic law regulations, usage of fire arms, forensics and evidence, traffic control etc.

All Kosovo Police Members are committed to their service relying on VIZION, MISSION AND VALUES OF THIS SERVICE.      

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