MUNICIPAL COMMUNITY SAFETY COUNCILS (MCSC) are security forums established in every municipality of the Republic of Kosovo. These committees are leaded by the municipality mayor just like LCPS, diversity is very evident here as well. This is a forum of a higher level in comparison with LCSP and members of this forum is commander of a Police Station who participates in regular monthly meetings and reports for the security situation in the certain zone of municipal responsibility as well as collected  information regarding security problems and issues collected from the meetings addresses further. KP together with MIA officers with the support of OSCE have organized meetings with Municipality Mayors respectively with Heads of MCSC and other members for discussion regarding the increase of cooperation and coordination in activities between PK, MCSC and LCPS regarding general security.

Administrative Instruction 27/2012 MPB - 03/2012 MLGA FOR MUNICIPAL COMMUNITY SAFETY COUNCILS


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